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Firms with connected culture see boost in employee productivity

With the hybrid workforce a reality facing firms as they enter the second lockdown of 2020, a study from RingCentral UK has revealed that employees working for companies that foster a connected culture are twice as likely (34% compared with 15%) to be productive when working from anywhere than those that don’t.

The study conducted by CITE Research in partnership with Kaleido Insights, on behalf of the provider of global enterprise cloud communications, collaboration and contact centre solutions provider, surveyed 4,000 knowledge workers across four countries, including 1,000 from across the UK, about how they have adapted and adjusted to this extended period of remote working with the onset of the pandemic.

The Connected culture report defined companies that foster a connected culture as those that blend effective technology that helps teams stay connected with a commitment to supporting work/life balance, and frequent opportunities for people to interact with one another. The survey findings reiterate the important role employers play in building a culture that encourages employee productivity and well-being – key factors for an engaged remote and hybrid workforce working from anywhere.

The study also revealed other impacts stemming from the sudden shift to remote working that need