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5.5G on the way as Huawei predicts golden decade for advanced comms

Ryan Ding, Huawei executive director and president of the carrier business group, has said the coming decade will be a golden age for 5G’s progress around the world, and that the whole industry must have faith in the technology, building the best 5G networks and making the most of them for shared value.

In a keynote speech at the 2020 Global Mobile Broadband Forum, Ding said 5G was developing much more quickly than previous generations of communications networks. He recognised more than 100 current commercial 5G networks worldwide and noted that budget 5G mobile phones had dropped in price considerably.

This, he said, was driving up the number of 5G users around the world, with leading carriers already benefiting from 5G data plans, seeing an increase in the average revenue per user of 5G users through multi-metric service packages and upgraded services, such as 5G messaging and enriched calling.

But to further develop 5G and encourage more people to embrace it, Ding called on carriers to aim high in their 5G network build strategies. “They need to provide coverage across all scenarios, such as for dense urban areas, suburbs, and indoors so that users always have access to