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After critical year, Vodafone trains security sights on CNI market

A little-known unit within Vodafone, Vodafone Business Security Enhanced (VBSE), is coming out of the classified closet and shining a bright light on new verticals, with a new portfolio of military-grade cyber security services on offer to public sector bodies, critical national infrastructure (CNI) providers, and other key organisations, spurred on by the lessons of a tumultuous period in the security industry.

Having traditionally specialised in providing top-tier cyber security services to government and the defence sector – something it has been doing in some capacity since the late 1980s – the pivot towards new verticals has been in the works for some time, Steve Knibbs, head of secure at Vodafone, told Computer Weekly. The mobile services giant is betting that its core business as a supplier of CNI itself will stand it in good stead with potential clients.

“A couple of years ago, we realised that some of the services we provide and some of the skills, techniques and the way we do things is probably applicable to a wider market. So, we spoke to the business and gotten to invest in what we call the enhanced portfolio,” he said.

“It provides effectively three portfolios of products that