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5G coverage set to reach over half of global population by 2025

As different service providers make progress in setting up the technology infrastructure, worldwide 5G coverage is projected to keep growing significantly, as much as by 253.84% and reaching about 4.1 million people by 2025, according to research from financial comparison site Bankr.

If realised, this would be coverage of around 53% of the global population and see massive growth from the end of 2020, which, said the analysis, is likely to see about 15% of the world population – or 1.17 billion people – have access to the technology. The report also predicted that by 2021, about 25% of the global population will likely have 5G coverage.

Bankr made its calculations using a database of regional population and territory distribution based on population density. This was then combined with proprietary data on the installed estate of Ericsson’s Radio Base Stations (RBS) combined with estimated coverage per RBS for each of six population density categories (from the metro to wilderness). The baseline global population for 2020 was set at 7.83 billion.

It added that, with the growing realisation of 5G technology’s capability, there was continued momentum to upgrade from 4G with global uptake set to continue. The 5G coverage build-out