Late Post

Cisco reveals intention to acquire Dashbase

For the third time in almost as many weeks, Cisco has announced a strategic purchase, with its AppDynamics division declaring its intention to acquire enterprise software company Dashbase for its logs and events analytics technology.

Dashbase’s stated mission is to support proactive service delivery of real-time communications, enabling service providers to deliver what it says are “high-quality” services and impress their customers.

Its core technology is designed for troubleshooting voice, video and chat, offering the ability to visualise call flows end to end. It allows users to see every hop of a call as it routes through a platform, so they can quickly isolate issues. All functionality is powered by log data collected throughout the many systems inside users’ platforms.

Dashbase says it has the tools that make the deployment of its software on users’ cloud Kubernetes infrastructure simple and fast, even for those not familiar with either Kubernetes or indeed cloud computing. Users can also onboard custom application logs from their unique business apps, together with SIP and communications server logs.

Cisco sees the acquisition as adding to AppDynamics’ observability capabilities and the integration of Dashbase’s logs and events analytics technology into the AppDynamics platform will enable customers to